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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Celebrates International Day of the Seafarer

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Celebrates the Day of the Seafarer on June 25th 2023.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO). Day of the Seafarer is the annual event to honour the seafarers. The theme for 2023 is’ “MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on” and Oceans Worth Protecting. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia commend the seafarers’ endeavours to strengthen supply chains and empower the Kingdom’s logistical position. Seafarers hold an essential role in preserving the marine environment.

The Day of the Seafarer was established in a resolution adopted by the 2010 Diplomatic Conference in Manila to adopt the revised STCW Convention. Its stated purpose is to recognize the unique contribution made by seafarers from all over the world to international seaborne trade, the world economy and civil society as a whole. The resolution "encourages Governments, shipping organizations, companies, shipowners and all other parties concerned to duly and appropriately promote the Day of the Seafarer and take action to celebrate it meaningfully".

The Alternate Permanent Representative Ms. Hayat Al-Yabis discusses the importance of the day, ‘Seafarers are the heroes of the maritime world, and their efforts allow for the vital continuation of global supply chains. Their contributions are pivotal in protecting the marine ecosystems and the sustainable of oceans.”

Saudi Arabia always places seafarers at the core of its policies and works to improve training, safety, and development of seafarers. The Kingdom was one of the first countries to recognise seafarers as key workers during COVID-19 pandemic and strives to ensure they receive appropriate support.

  • In the last 5 years more than 770 Saudi and multi-national cadets were trained onboard Saudi flag ships.

  • More than 1,600 Saudi seafarers work onboard ships to serve the world economy and support the needs of the population with an increase of up to 25% compared to 2021.

  • More than 3,200 maritime training courses were provided by the accredited maritime institutes that fall under the requirements in line with the STCW convention.

  • Saudi Arabia is funding several projects such as GloFouling, GloNoise, and IMOCARES.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has world class maritime institutions that equip seafarers to train professional, safe and environmentally conscious seafarers, such as the National Maritime Academy, and the College of Maritime Studies at King Abdulaziz University. Saudi Arabia has also recently announced funding to the World Maritime University in Malmö to advance capacity-building and opportunities for Masters students.

The Day of the Seafarer this year coincides with the 50th anniversary of International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) convention which is the main international convention covering prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia applauds and celebrates the vital efforts of seafarers working to ensure our ocean environments are safe and promote a more sustainable future for both the ocean and those who make their career on it.

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