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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Opens Port of NEOM

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Port Authority opened the Port of NEOM on the 17th of May 2023. This development comes as an effort to transform local Saudi ports into a globally competitive logistics hubs. The Port of NEOM, previously the Duba Port has officially been transferred to management of NEOM.

The Port of NEOM marks a significant milestone in the construction of the NEOM mega-city. It is strategically located in OXAOGON in the Red Sea, positions it as a natural hub for international trade and shipping with 13% of world trade passing via the Suez Canal. NEOM Port also provides a direct connection to the global shipping lanes. This connection will enhance economic growth and cross-border trade, leading to greater prosperity for the region.

The Port of NEOM uses the latest infrastructure and engineering techniques. This development will allow for faster loading and unloading of cargo, reduced transportation costs and increased turnaround times.

The Port of NEOM has adopted a sustainable approach to the port development and is designed with environmental considerations. When the first container terminal is operational in 2025, it will operate at net carbon zero with 100% renewable energy of wind and solar as its main source of energy. Additionally, it embraces a zero-waste approach with the recovery and reuse of construction materials and structures. These development’s will make the Port of NEOM one of the world’s most sustainable next-generation ports.

Nadhim Al Nasr, Chief Executive Officer, Port of NEOM said: “Our vision is to build one of the world’s most technologically advanced, efficient and sustainable ports with the first fully integrated and automated supply chain and logistics network, and this first phase of development is a step towards realizing that".

The innovative new project of the Port of NEOM holds the opportunity to show the international maritime sector the potential of incorporating sustainable development into port development across the globe. Saudi Arabia continues to advance port development to bring economic growth while also promoting sustainability.

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