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At The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are dedicated to the promotion of safety and protection of seafarers in the maritime industry. Our commitment to the IMO and other international organisations has enabled us to provide seafarers with the support they need to stay safe and healthy while at sea.


We are proud to offer our seafarers a wide range of services and resources, including training and certifications, safety and security advice, and legal resources. We are committed to ensuring that all seafarers have access to the necessary information and resources to perform their job safely and responsibly.

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Cadets trained on KSA Flag Ships

Saudi Seafarers



Maritime Training Acredited Courses 


  • Kingdom contributed to providing free doses of the vaccine against the Corona virus to all seafarers in five ports

  • the Kingdom is committed to support the training and development of seafarers.

  • one of the pioneer countries to recognize seafarers as its main workers

  • More than 1,600 Saudi seafarers work onboard ships to serve the world economy and support the needs of the population with an increase of up to 25% compared to 2021.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to providing a safe working environment for seafarers. We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading countries in the world for maritime safety and compliance.

    Our services range from comprehensive training courses to health and safety regulations, all designed to ensure the safety and well-being of seafarers. We also provide in-depth guidance on new regulations and updates on international maritime law. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service to ensure a safe and successful voyage.

Seafarers as Key Workers

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all seafarers and maritime workers. We understand the importance of seafarers to the global economy and our nation’s own economy, and are proud to be one of the first countries to recognise seafarers as key workers.

At The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are dedicated to ensuring that seafarers in our country are supported and have access to the resources and services they need. We are proud to be a part of the IMO in our efforts to promote and protect the welfare of seafarers worldwide.

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to the education, training and development of seafarers. We have 6 specialized maritime institutions, each with a unique focus on providing the best quality education and training.

Our mission is to promote the highest standards of seafarer safety and security and to ensure that our seafarers are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively perform their duties. We provide a range of educational and training programs to ensure that our seafarers are prepared to face the challenges of an ever-changing maritime industry.

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  • oncerned with implementing the requirements of STCW issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The Kingdom has established and accredited 6 specialized maritime institutions, contributing to the development of highly trained seafarers.

Developing Potential

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to developing the potential of its seafarers in order to meet the challenges of the maritime industry. Through our initiatives, we aim to ensure that seafarers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in today's competitive maritime environment.

Our focus is on providing first-class training and services to our seafarers, so that they are able to meet the demands of the maritime industry.

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