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IMO CARES ‘CARES Connects’ Event in London

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The International Maritime Organization’s Department of Partners and Projects, in partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the IMO CARES (Coordinated Actions to Reduce Emissions from Shipping) ‘CARES Connects’ event in London on the 27th of September. The event aims to foster linkages between donors, recipient countries and technology providers. IMO CARES project funded by the Kingdom is focused on the needs of developing countries to meet the IMO Energy Efficiency and IMO GHG Strategy targets and thus help drive the achievement of global GHG emissions reduction.

CARES Connects allows for donors, recipient countries and technology providers gather to collectively identify and develop specific decarbonization project ideas that are applicable to port and national shipping industries of developing countries. These project ideas will serve as the foundation for the development of IMO project concepts and proposals, and ultimately the demonstration of new energy-efficient technologies in developing regions.

The event included up of 6 roundtable discussions, with representatives from the three main stakeholder groups (technology providers, donors, and recipient countries). In addition, each table was headed by a moderator from either IMO or its Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre’s (MTCCs). In conclusion of the event, the moderator summarised discussions and key takeaways.

CARES Connects event plays a significant role in addressing the challenges of decarbonization and fostering a more environmentally friendly maritime sector in developing countries and is the next step in Saudi Arabia’s commitment to supporting maritime technology development for IMO member states as an IMO council member.

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