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MAWANI Port Authority Presents to IMO Member States on the Side-lines of III 9

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s MAWANI Port Authority presented to the International Maritime Organization on 31st July 2023 on the sidelines of The Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III). The presentation was given by Abeer Alghamdi Director of Inspection Quality and Operation Analysis for MAWANI Port Authority.

The presentation covered MAWANI’s commitment to the IMO and their ongoing efforts in protecting the marine environment as part of their goal to improve the liveability across the kingdom. This strategic direction is outlined within the Kingdom's National Transport & Logistics Strategy (NTLS) which is driven by eight key performance objectives that cover a wide range of other issues such as; Improve performance of logistics hubs, Improve local, regional & int’l connectivity, Minimize transport accidents and fatalities & create safety-oriented culture, and Improve mobility and reduce travel time, among others.

MAWANI also took this time to reemphasize their commitment to the IMO. Stating how firmly committed they were to the adoption and implementation of IMO standards. The Kingdom of Saudi Araia has furthermore set ambitious targets to comply with additional conventions to increase its flag rating in the ICS framework to 100% by 2025.

MAWANI also collaborated with IMO experts to develop training for ballast water management, safety and environmental protection, field of flag state/port control and more. This ties in with the Kingdom’s commitment to seafarers within the IMO.

MAWANI launched an initiative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint by 1,046 tonnes in 2023. The move towards a more sustainable future is key to the Kingdoms plans as demonstrated by the aims of Vision2030.

The presentation also covered the work of the Saudi Green Initiative which is developing the kingdom towards sustainability and includes 10 initiatives targeted towards protecting the environment. Among these are objectives to protect up to 30% of the Kingdoms land and sea. Among others they are also pushing various initiatives such as a project to plant over 100 million mangrove trees, reef revival project, an initiative to clean out plastics from the ocean, and a turtle nesting conservation at Ras Baridi.

The presentation concluded by outlying some of MAWANI’s other ongoing efforts such as their increase on foreign vessel inspections as part of Riyadh MOU and introduction of safe waste disposal for vessels and ports. With this has come a focus on creating the digital ports of the future with development in AI technology in aid of vessel inspection and environmental protection.

The presentation covered an array of the Kingdom’s key aims for the future and emphasised the Kingdom’s ambitions to continue to foster collaboration within the IMO on the issues of protecting the marine environment.

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