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Saudi Arabia becomes First Country in Middle East to have Awarded US Marine Quality Certificate

Saudi Arabia has been awarded the US Marine Quality Certificate of the 21st Century (USG), making it the first country in the Middle East to be provided with this prestigious award and only one of 26 countries in the world to achieve this accomplishment. The certificate comes as a result of the Kingdom’s naval fleet successfully compiling, completing, finalising standards and requirements while in American Ports set out by the US Coast Guard. This thereby showcased the efficient and excellent marine environment and safety protection levels achieved by Saudi Arabia.

This accomplishment aligns with KSA’s commitment to the provisions of international conventions, and following the best practices related to preserving the marine environment. These international conventions are facilitated within the International Maritime Organization. This certificate also facilitates the movement of Saudi ships in regional waters and American ports and supports the increase in trade exchange and strengthening of the economic relationship between the two countries. This prestigious award signifies leadership of Saudi Arabia within the maritime sector and the Kingdom’s vision for the future.

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