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Saudi Arabia hosts SIMEC AquaFish International Marine Exhibition

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the International Marine Exhibition in Dahran on the 4th-6th of June. The exhibition and conference (SIMEC Aquafish) is the first diversified marine exhibition to take place in the Kingdom which attracted local and international exhibitors working in the fields of fishery, aquaculture and seafood.

The focus of the exhibition included -

· Fisheries, aquaculture and related maritime activities and industries.

· Networking with the key stakeholders and decision makers in in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture.

· Creating an Ideal platform for trade talks and commercial agreements between importers and exporters

A large number of exhibitors were present representing sea food, aquaculture and fisheries providing an important place for key stakeholders to meet and establish cooperative networks. They also had the opportunity to display new state of the art products and cutting edge aquaculture technology.

The aim of Vision2030 is to transform the national fisheries and aquaculture sectors into strong pillars of the national economy and contribute significantly towards the balanced and sustainable development and prosperity of the country and its people.

This exhibition ties in to the Kingdoms commitments for cooperation as well as its ambitions towards creating a more sustainable future in the fishery sector. The global market is currently consuming more fish than the ocean is able to replenish. The Kingdom is looking into solutions and developments that will enhance sustainable food security and natural resources int the most environmentally friendly way possible, whilst creating job opportunities and encouraging trade. As an IMO council member, Saudi Arabia seeks to ensure maritime regulation of the international fishing fleet supports sustainable maritime development and fishing.

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