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Saudi Red Sea Authority issues seven regulations to facilitate Red Sea navigation

The Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA) has recently issued seven new regulations in a significant move towards enhancing maritime activities in the Red Sea. These regulations were announced in the 6th of august in collaboration with maritime stakeholders and will come into force after 90 days, the authority said in a statement.

The regulations are pertaining to the coastal tourism components such as design and operation of tourist marinas, classification of tourist marine vehicles, cruise ships, tourist shipping agent, tourist cruise operator, the rental of huge yachts, and the private visiting yachts.

The Red Sea is an important region for cruise ship and yacht tourism, with its stunning coastline and diverse marine life. These rules help regulate the operation of cruise ships and yachts and the issuance of licenses and permits to carry out its navigational activities, and to enable tourism and marine recreational activities. Additionally, outline safety measures and standards that must be adhered to by maritime operators, ensuring the well-being of passengers and crew.

The SRSA recognizes the significance of the Red Sea's ecosystem and aims to protect it, therefore the new regulations include also guidelines for waste and sewage management, as well as measures to prevent pollution and preserve the pristine marine environment. Mohammed Al-Asiri, acting CEO of SRSA, said “We were keen, before and during the preparation of these regulations, that their inputs be inclusive of all requirements and targets, which were collected and worked on in cooperation and integration with our partners in the Red Sea system”.

The issuance of these seven new regulations by the SRSA marks a significant milestone in the development of the red sea as a maritime hub. By prioritizing sustainable economic growth and improving navigational conditions, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to make strides towards achieving its Vision 2030 goals for the country.

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