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Saudi Women Lead at Shiptek Conference 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the annual ShipTek Conference and Awards in Al-Khobar on 14th and 15th May 2024. The conference aimed to gather key decision-makers and high-level policymakers in the maritime industry but also acted as a platform for key messages concerning women in the maritime industry. At this instalment of Shiptek, Saudi female professionals took center stage at the Shiptek Conference Saudi Arabia, showcasing their expertise and leadership in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Deputy of Transport Enablement Dr. Omaimah Bamasag of the Transport General Authority (TGA) provided the keynote address. In it she highlighted the various challenges women face and how empowering them would enable innovation and sustainable growth for the future of the industry. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to supporting women in the maritime industry and building a diverse and safe workspace for all.

Other prominent female participants in the Shiptek conference included Dr. Lina Eyouni Senior Manager Environmental Quality & Monitoring, Red Sea Global, Ms. Maha Alqahtani Offshore Logistics Superintendent, NMDC Group, Shahd Alomayrini Policy Specialist Transport General Authority (TGA), Ms. Hind Alhelal Senior Seafarer Affairs Officer, Transport General Authority (TGA), and Zena Almandeel Community Engagement & Outreach Specialist Marketing Department Red Sea Authority. Their participation in the various panels showcased their expertise and experience in the industry, and highlighted the various considerations for growing a sustainable maritime sector in the Kingdom and beyond.   

Ms. Hind Alhelal, Senior Seafarer Affairs Officer at the Transport General Authority, won the ‘Young Woman Achiever of the Year’ award in acknowledgement of her 5 years of experience driving positive outcomes within the maritime industry. At the previous Shiptek Awards Conference in Dubai, Ms.  Reem Alkhowaiter, Marine Engineer of Bahri Shipping company, won the ‘Young Achieved Woman’ award, marking a historical moment as the first Saudi female to win. Bahri, the national shipping company of the Kingdom is the largest owner and operator of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) and chemical tankers in the Middle East, and has recently reached the milestone of having the first Saudi female cadet on board its vessel.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia actively works to foster the maritime industry to be a safe, inclusive, and diverse space where women can reach their full potential. Through events such as  the Shiptek conference, it provides an essential platform for women to demonstrate their experiences and connect with leaders in the industry. It also offers a unique opportunity for women to share knowledge, network and support one another in a male-dominated field.

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