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ShipTek International Maritime Conference and Awards Ceremony 2022

The 15th Annual Shiptek Maritime Conference which took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from the 7th – 8thMarch brought together key decision makers and high-level policy leads in the maritime industry. The event focused on market trends and insight into current and future maritime affairs and was attended by Eng. Essam Al Ammari as a keynote speaker and permanent representative for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the International Maritime Organisation.

The conference involved detailed discussions on areas ranging from trade patterns and market influences on methodologies to improve business and decision making for the sector and the blue economy.

In his keynote address, Eng. Essam Al Ammari described the accomplishments of KSA’s Permanent Mission including the recent election of Saudi Arabia to the IMO Council in 2021 as well as the numerous projects and activities currently underway in 2022. As well as highlighting the achievements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Mission, Eng. Al Ammari reflected on how his background as a seafarer had shaped his perspective as a representative to the IMO and that one of the core tenets of the KSA IMO Mission was a focus on the welfare and education of seafarers, especially considering the particularly challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Saudi Arabia was proud to be was one of the first countries to recognize seafarers as key workers and were one of only 35 countries offering the Coronavirus vaccines to seafarers of any nation. Al Ammari underlined that these actions create a healthy environment where effective training and development can occur while protecting such a crucial component of the global economy.

In addition to acknowledging the hardships the coronavirus has posed to seafarers, Eng. Al Ammari discussed the importance of gender equality in the maritime sector as a prominent member of the IMO Gender Equality Network which seeks to achieve a barrier-free working environment for women in the maritime sector. Eng. Al Ammari also discussed the upcoming workshop for women in Arab states to improve awareness of maritime opportunities and expertise of biofouling management, scheduled to take place this year as part of the GloFouling project. This event will bring together women in maritime administrations, researchers, entrepreneurs, representatives from private companies and the IMO-supported Women in Maritime Associations to reduce existing gender disparities within the maritime sector and stimulate initiatives and opportunities sponsored or created by women.

Moreover, Eng. Almmari detailed the remarkable accomplishments and leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Majesty King Salman and His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman. In 2021, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince presented the roadmap for Vision 2030 which utilizes KSA’s strategic geographical position, investment power, and place at the center of Arab and Islamic worlds to bring about influential change. One aspect of Vision 2030 is strengthening Saudi Arabia’s transportation and logistics hub. The National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) is one of the 13 Vision Realization Programs under Saudi Vision 2030 that aims to shape The Kingdom into a leading global logistic service provider. A key aspect of this is extending the global reach in the maritime industry through advancing shipping, ports, ship construction, and offshore marine industry with new policies. Other significant action comes in the energy sector with the pledges that Saudi Arabia will reach net zero by 2060, as well as, producing 50% of The Kingdom’s energy from renewable sources by 2030. The work is already underway and being achieved through investment in green technology and innovative measures. Saudi Arabia is harnessing its power to positively influence to incorporate advancements in the region and on the international stage.

Essam Alammari concluded his keynote address detailing KSA’s Permanent Mission to the IMO continued to look toward the future to implement proactive changes to benefit all nations in the IMO with a prominent focus on the key areas of climate, cooperation and seafarers.

In addition to his keynote speech, Eng. Essam Alammari presented the Shiptek Awards for 2022 with Sir Sohan Roy, President of the International Maritime Club, Founder and Chairman & CEO of Aries Group. Notably, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national shipping carrier and transportation logistics company, Bahri, was awarded the ‘Green Shipping Award’, and, ‘Best Employer of the Year for 2022’. The flagship terminal at Jeddah Islamic Port, The Red Sea Gateway was awarded “Best Terminal Operator Prize for 2022.”

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