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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Celebrates National Day for Saudi Green Initiative

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has commemorated March 27th as an annual day in celebration of the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI). The national day honours the significant work undertaken by the Kingdom to protect and sustain the environment where the Saudi Green Initiative functions as a key pillar under Vision 2030 as an ambitious domestic strategy to protect both the land and sea.

The annual celebration will focus on the impact of the Kingdom’s continued actions Under its Vision 2030 targets where the SGI is working to steer the nation toward a sustainable future and the Kingdom’s intention to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2060.

The Saudi Green Initiative was launched in 2021 by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The initiative has over 80 various initiatives that aim to protect the marine environment. These include reviving coral reefs damaged by climate change, supporting turtle conservation efforts, removing maritime litter from the Red Sea, and planting over 100 million mangroves to support biodiversity and stabilise the coastline.

Video encouraging support for the Saudi Green Initiative through pledging to work towards a greener future.

The Saudi Green Initiative has three core targets that it brings to all its projects

SGI engages all engines of society to deliver against three overarching targets, emissions reduction, afforestation, and land and sea protection. Specific targets to achieve these include:

-            Emissions Reduction

-            Afforestation

-            Land and Sea Protection

A recent post from the Saudi Green Initiative highlighting some of the achievements the initiative has made towards these goals in the three years since being founded.

The Saudi Green Initiative has played an essential role in providing habitats for indigenous flora and fauna and protecting the marine environment. It currently has set a goal to establish over 6,693km2 ‘no take’ Marine Protected Areas’ on the Red Sea Coast to reduce the impact of fishing.

The National Centre for Wildlife (NCW) has aligned its efforts to support the goals of the SGI. The current activities include expanding and integrating protected areas, assessing marine and coastal environments, rehabilitating affected areas, and ensuring sustainable management. Additionally, the NCW has undertaken an initiative to propagate and resettle endangered species and restore their ecosystems in line with the SGI.

The national day for the Saudi Green Initiative highlights the Kingdom's efforts to protect the maritime environment and build a sustainable future for the generations to come in their commitment to a greener future.

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