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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Moves forward on Scholarships for Women in Maritime and Logistic Service

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is empowering women in the maritime and logistics sector through the partnership with the Academy of Supply Chains and Logistics in the Republic of Singapore with the 15 scholarships for women in the industry. His Excellency the Minister of Commerce Majid Abdullah Al-Qasabi visited the training headquarters for the future leader’s programme on the 23rd of September. This visit signifies the beginning of the work on the agreement was the Kingdom’s first program dedicated to qualifying and developing capabilities of female leaders in the logistic field.

The Kingdom is actively encouraging women in maritime as a key focus of policies and activities. Currently, women only make up less than 2% of the workforce in the maritime sector. The Kingdom is looking to change this with initiatives such as this one, which aims to increase the amount of. women in key leadership roles. Saudi Arabia has made continuous efforts to examine and break down existing barriers across the industry.

One such example is, the Kingdom hosting of the world’s first-ever workshop dedicated to women in biofouling, ‘Arab Women in Biofouling Management Workshop’ in partnership with the International Maritime Organization’s GloFouling to upskill women in the region.

The workshop and the recent cooperation with the Academy of Supply Chains and Logistics in the Republic of Singapore symbolise the investment Saudi Arabia is providing to female empowerment.

The costs of the course are fully subsidised by the academy and opened its doors to all women who were interested in the sector to apply. The course covers two stages with the first section being remote theory based. The female students also have the opportunity to meet with the current industry leaders and experts in addition to their field visit designed within the course.

This effort demonstrates the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continued actions dedicated to providing training and expertise of women in the maritime and logistics sector.

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