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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Re-Elected to IMO Council for 2023-2025

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been re-elected as a Council Member to the International Maritime Organization placing second in 'Category C' with a 143 Member States endorsing Saudi Arabia’s election. This achievement reflects Saudi Arabia's leadership and development in the transport and logistic industry led by Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. As the main driving force behind the Kingdom's ambitions and achievements, Vision 2030 and the National Transport and Logistics Strategy has developed a pathway for KSA to take advantage of its strategic position, build the Kingdom as a global logistics hub and develop green technologies and efforts to protect the marine environment. 


The delegation involving high level representatives from the Ministry of Transport, Transport General Authority, Border Guard Force, Coast Guard, Ministry of Energy and MAWANI and was led by His Excellency Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser, Minister of Transport and Logistic Services with participation from His Excellency Dr. Rumaih Al-Rumaih Vice Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and President of the Transport General Authority. 

The Kingdom's engagement during the previous biennium focuses on the pillars of Climate, Cooperation and Seafarers with a high level of engagement with all member states and numerous initiatives supporting seafarers, maritime environmental protection and capacity building. Saudi Arabia will continue to support these aims plus more in the coming biennium, working to enable opportunities for a more sustainable and profitable maritime sector where no one is left behind. Projects such as IMOCARES look to unite global north and south in this aim, supporting LDCs and SIDS to achieving IMO greenhouse gas emission goals as well as the GloFouling Partnerships, GloLitter Partnerships, and the upcoming GloNoise partnerships. 


The Kingdom has also announced the NextWave Seafarer's project with the IMO that will work towards developing a framework for cooperative work between IMO Member States and shipping companies to give seafaring cadets new opportunities and training in the industry providing solutions to the global seafaring shortage. 


In the coming biennium, the Kingdom looks forward to expanding capacity building, and developing pathways of cooperation with all Member States and ensuring that all states are represented. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to be an active, committed, and engaged Council Member. 

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