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Arab Women in Maritime Biofouling Management Workshop (AWIM-BMW)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia partnered with IMO’s GloFouling Partnerships project to organize the Arab Women in Maritime – Biofouling Management Workshop (AWIM-BMW), within the context of the wider celebrations of the International Day for Women in Maritime (IDWIM) on 18 May 2023. The theme of IDWIM this year is: "Mobilizing networks for gender equality".

The workshop will be held in Jeddah the 10-11th of May and looks to build on the Kingdoms efforts in the IMO to further aid in tackling the issue of climate change and further empower women in maritime.

This is being done as partnership between the IMO, The Global Environment Facility (GEF) and The United Nations Development Plan (UNDP) to develop solutions to the pressing issues caused by Biofouling. The project drives actions to implement the IMO Biofouling Guidelines and best practices for biofouling prevention and management, through policy development, capacity building, awareness raising and knowledge sharing.

The workshop will cover a number of key issues including;

  • Increase awareness for ships’ biofouling management and best practices in the shipping industry. This is key to both protecting marine biodiversity and tackling the issues of climate change.

  • Discuss opportunities for women in the biofouling sector by identifying existing barriers and gaps related to gender inequality and recommend solutions.

Hayat Al Yabis Alternative Permanent Representative for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the IMO stated ‘Saudi Arabia is proud to host the first ever event dedicated to women in Biofouling worldwide showcasing our dedication to empowering women and recognising ongoing efforts of women working in the region’.

Watch the trailer for the event below:

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