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IMO CARES virtual workshop in Collaboration with MTCC- Feb 2023

The IMO CARES (Coordinated Actions to Reduce Emissions from Shipping) Foundation Project financed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with MTCC Latin America and the IMO Department of Partnerships and Projects, hosted the fourth virtual workshop IMOCARES workshop in Panama. The workshop highlighted the role of green technologies towards advancing sustainable shipping. Over 200 participants took part in the workshop and learned about alternative fuel options including Ammonia and Hydrogen, the relevance of innovation in green technology, the need for financial investment in green initiatives, and the importance of inclusivity in the journey to a more sustainable future.

MTCC Latin America is one of five regional centres of the Global MTCC Network (GMN) for promoting technologies and operations to improve energy efficiency in the maritime sector. IMO CARES continues to work with them and the four MTCC centres around the world to support the development of new technologies.

IMO CARES is financed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was established in 2022 to link the research and development initiatives in the Global North and the Global South to accelerate demonstration of green technologies and promote their development in a manner that assists blue economic growth in developing regions while creating new technology markets.

The workshop supported the development of the IMO CARES strategic framework which will be important in the implementation of a tangible mechanism to guide technology demonstrations and maritime decarbonization Research and Development in 2023 while considering South America and Global Perspectives.

Ms. Hayat Al Yabis, Director of International Organisations and Treaties, of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was a keynote speaker at the workshop and highlighted the importance of IMOCARES, “These efforts are in line with the work of vision 2030 and the kingdoms prioritisation of maritime matters through innovation and investment Saudi Arabia is privileged to have the opportunity to have supported the IMO further identifying opportunities to lower emissions from the shipping sector, and provides the opportunity to benefit from the unique and varied experiences of the international community in tackling this issue.”

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