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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Border Guard Presents at the International Maritime Organization

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Border Guard presented their efforts and recent advancements in Search and Rescue and the recent humanitarian initiatives affecting the kingdom. The presentation took place before the IMO on the 19th of May 2023 and covered a variety of topics including.

  • The efforts of the Border Guard in cooperating and coordinating with agencies and organisations inside and outside of the kingdom in the efforts of search and rescue.

  • The role and nature of the Border Guard Force including its duties, vision and plans for future development.

  • An outline of the various maritime disasters of the last five years and how disaster and risk mitigation was deployed to support crisis response.

  • An introduction about the international symposia organised concerning search, rescue and maritime safety.

  • Insight into a variety of the exercises and drills carried out within the national plan to manage maritime disasters.

The presentation was undertaken by two guest speakers from Saudi Arabia, Commander Naji Al Johani and Amal Alzahrani. Amal Alzahrani also spoke about the Border Guards work in empowering women as part of the International Maritime day celebrations.

She stated

“The Kingdom is keen to participate in the celebration of the International Maritime Day. KSA has an active and vital role in developing the maritime transport sector and contributing to the protection of the maritime environment and the safety of life at seas and oceans. And empowering women in the maritime domain”

The presentation concluded with questions from the delegates and was received positively by the IMO and member states as part of KSA’s efforts to promote visibility and engagement with the various entities of the Kingdom and share best practices.

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