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Maritime SheEO Conference

Maritime SheEO held the third annual conference in Mumba India where Ms. Sanjam Sahi Gupta, Director of Sitara Shipping and Founder of Maritime SheEO welcomed 225 people in person with over 1500 individuals virtually attending. The conference aims to promote diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, and empowering women in the maritime sector. The theme for this conference was, “Changing Leadership Paradigms.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was represented by Her Excellency Dr. Omaimah Bamasag, Deputy Director of Transport Enablement for Transport General Authority and a number of associates where she participated in the panel ‘Supported by Data: Best Practices in Diversity.’ Dr. Omaimah highlighted The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to amplify women in maritime, and all fields and its necessity for maritime development.

Global speakers and participants included Dr. Jose Matheickal, Chief of the Department of Partnerships & Projects at the IMO, Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of World Maritime Organization, as well as Shri. Amitabh Kumar, the Director General of Shipping Government of India, and Mr. Ottar Ostenes, Director General of the Department of Maritime Policy and Costal Development, Underlying the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway.

Other areas discussed within the conference included ‘Women in Leadership & Boards-Why it matters?’ and ‘Passing the Baton.’ Alongside the panels and addresses, WISTA international released the latest Diversity Handbook with collaboration from Anglo Eastern ISWAN and ICS survey results to examine how women seafarers perceived ‘discrimination’ and how it manifested onboard based on their personal experience.

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