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MAWANI Port Authority signs MoU with Antwerp Port Belgium

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s, MAWANI Saudi’s Port Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Port of Antwerp Bruges of the Kingdom of Belgium. This happened at the on the side-lines of the 129th Session of the IMO Council on July 17th International Maritime Organization HQ in London. Saudi Arabia was represented by His Excellency Omar Talal Hariri the President of MAWANI while Mr Kristof Waterschoot, Managing Director of POABI/APEC represented Belgium.

The MoU covered several key areas of focus between the two entities. The first of these was to highlight the areas for cooperation withing port governance as well as minimise environmental impact of marine transport. MAWANI intends to transition towards management of all ports under one umbrella, thus resulting in a new balance between public and private interaction and optimisation of countries port assets. This will involve the alignment of various functions such as national logistics, port strategy, commercial strategy, price policy reviews, and concessions policy framework.

The MoU also outlines working towards expanding capacity building and training. This will be facilitated by conducting an analysis of needs and explore opportunities within the enhancement of human capital through training needs assessments, tailor made programmes, and structural participation in existing courses.

The two entities are also working together on future oriented ports. They aim to work towards developing ports for the era of transition both digitally and through energy, such as reducing the environmental impact of maritime transport.

The agreement aims to bring the two countries together in mutually beneficial partnership. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is constantly in search of innovation, market intelligence and excellence in performance. Building strategic partnerships with key industry partners and those within IMO align with the Kingdom’s aspiration for becoming a global logistics hub under Vision 2030.

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