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Red Sea Global give Presentation to the International Maritime Organization

Red Sea Global, an influential entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, delivered an impressive presentation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on the sidelines of the Sub-Committee Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers 9th session (CCC9) on 22nd of September 2023. The presentation was given by a representative of Red Sea Global, highlighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia commitment to the IMO and SRG active involvement in various marine projects and initiatives.

One of the key areas covered in the presentation was the development and operation of marinas along the Red Sea coastline. Red Sea Global aims to create environmentally sustainable maritime destinations that attract different boating segments and end-users. They have incorporated sustainability into the design, development, and operations stages of their maritime assets, while also implementing robust policies, procedures, and regulations to minimize adverse environmental impact.

In terms of marine fleet management, Red Sea Global takes a comprehensive approach. They offer on-site services, conduct annual marine operations symposiums, provide marine services, and operate training and certification centers. They collaborate with both local and international partners to promote carbon-free vessel propulsion and support designs that prioritize efficiency and reduced impact with the aim to facilitate the mass adoption of sustainable practices by installing new fueling infrastructure.

The presentation also addressed Red Sea Global's commitment to maritime training and development. The Red Sea Marine Life Institute offers opportunities for education, research, conservation, and eco-tourism. As part of their community programs, they have launched an intensive eight-week Maritime Upskilling Training Program to upskill local beneficiaries and enable them to serve at the destination as boat captains or logistic coordinators.

Red Sea Global further emphasized their dedication to sustainability practices and partnerships. They have implemented careful marina planning and development, sustainable policies and regulations, and emergency planning and preparedness. They are building an internal Marine Emergency Response Capability, including a facility to provide a Tier 1 oil spill response service.

Highlighting their commitment to ocean health, Red Sea Global recently announced a partnership with The Ocean Race. This collaboration aims to drive the regeneration of life above and below water while inspiring the next generation of Saudi sailors.

In addition to their maritime activities, Red Sea Global owns and operates unique brands such as WAMA, a water sports brand delivering above-water experiences at the Amaala and the Red Sea and Galaxea, diving brands offering sustainable and unique diving experiences in the region.

The Red Sea Global's presentation to the IMO highlighted Saudi Arabia dedication for the future and emphasised its ambitions to continue to foster collaboration within the IMO to enhance maritime security, develop capacities and promote adequate security and safety standards for maritime, port and land-based law-enforcement authorities to address some of these challenges.

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