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Saudi Arabia Attends the WMU @ 40 Conference on 'Maritime and Ocean Sustainability'

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attended the World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden for the 40th Anniversary of the institution on 20th June 2023. The conference, ‘Maritime and Ocean Sustainability’ is to commemorate the anniversary and advance topics of ocean sustainability. The Conference marked the achievements of the University over the last four decades and provided an opportunity for collaboration with various stakeholders.

His Excellency Dr Rumaih Al Rumaih, Acting President of the Transport General Authority, led the delegation from Saudi Arabia. The delegation also included WMU alumni and leaders in the maritime industry from the Kingdom. His Excellency Dr Rumaih Al Rumaih met with the outgoing President Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry and incoming President Max Mejia, to discuss avenues of collaboration, and celebrate the commencement of the WMU Arab Alumni Network.

The conference had various high-profile delegates attended such as Secretary-General Kitack Lim and other leaders in the sector who are Alumni from the University.

The conference featured experts from around the world speaking on topics related to maritime and ocean sustainability, including:

  • Transitioning to Zero Emission Shipping

  • Focusing on People to Ensure Healthy, Safe & Secure Working Conditions

  • Promoting Closer Collaboration Among Stakeholder Communities

  • Rewarding Sustainable Performance and Fostering Innovation

  • Creating a Level Playing Field Through Transparency and Accountability

  • Protecting the Oceans Beyond National Jurisdiction

The participants also had the opportunity to discuss the various issues facing the maritime industry and collaborate on solutions for a more sustainable future.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s participation in this conference celebrates the contributions that WMU provides to the maritime sector and looks forward to future collaboration with the prestigious institution. This aligns with the Kingdom's continued commitment to collaborate within the IMO and WMU, as well as motivating and encouraging young talent to enter the Maritime industry.

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