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Saudi Arabia celebrate International Day for Women in Maritime with the Republic of Ecuador 19th May

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia partnered with the Republic of Ecuador to celebrate International Day for Women in Maritime by bringing together 40 female representatives, experts and IMO personnel working in various capacities in the maritime sector for a high tea to commemorate the event and express gratitude for their continued efforts in the maritime sector.

Ms. Hayat AlYabis, Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave an opening address informing guests on the first ever workshop for women in the biofouling field which took place on the 10-11 May 2023. The aim of this workshop was to raise awareness for the pressing issues of Biofouling as well as the problems faced by women in the sector. Read more on the workshop here: Ms. AlYabis, is the first female appointed representative for the Kingdom.

Ms. Luisa Burgess, the Alternate Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the IMO also welcomed guests. She provided an educational video on the various women working in the maritime sector from seafarers to fishing personnel in Ecuador. Ms. Burgess also took the opportunity to read out messages from World Maritime University female students and their message for women working in the sector.

The event allowed for women to come together to discuss their experiences and achievements as women in the maritime sector. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia actively looks to support women in the maritime sector and mobilizing them to join this industry with vast opportunities.

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