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Saudi Arabia Coast Guard and Royal Navy Present during MSC 107 at IMO HQ

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Border Guard and Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) conducted the presentation, "Efforts of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Maritime Security and Combating Piracy," on maritime safety and security at International Maritime Organization (IMO) during MSC107 on the 8th of June 2023.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presented their recent efforts in maritime security and combatting piracy to the IMO during the MSC (Marine Safety Committee) 107th session on the 8th June 2023. The presentation was given by representatives from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Border Guard and the Royal Saudi Naval Forces.

The first half of the presentation, delivered by COL Majed AL Odaylah of the Saudi Border Guard, covered a wide range of topics, and highlighted the need for national and international cooperation when facing issues such as piracy. Some of the discussed topics included:

  • The missions of protecting marine facilities

  • Protecting inland waters, islands and guarding the territorial water

  • The efforts of the border guard in designing and implementing an effective model for marine protection fenders

  • A briefing about the cooperation in implementing programs, events, and training courses for the signatory states of Jeddah Amendments

  • The tasks of Jeddah Maritime Information Sharing Centre JMISC

Cdre Ibrahim AL- Moqbel spoke for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces and outlined the Navy’s methods for combatting piracy and armed incidents at sea. The RSNF has been awarded 8 certificated by the IMO for its efforts in preventing piracy attempts. He also talked about the Navy’s contribution in protecting marine environments.

“RSNF is committed towards ensuring maritime security, and will continue to contribute its assets towards the achievement of peace and Freedom to Navigation across the seas, which will impact the global economy and stability in the region.”

This presentation emphasises the Kingdom’s efforts as a Council Member at the IMO to enable cooperation with the organisation and highlight best practices to deal with key threats to Seafarer safety from issues such as Piracy and armed robbery at sea.

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