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Saudi Arabia Launches LOGISTI.SA Initiative

In line with the Vision 2030 objective of transforming the Kingdom into a leading industrial powerhouse and global logistics hub, the Ministry of Transport & Logistics Services (MOTLS) has laid out an ambitious strategy that aims to develop the Kingdom's transport & logistics sector and address the increasing global demand for logistics services.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reiterated the Kingdom's commitment to improving the connectivity of the region for manufacturers and consumers in international markets, and has launched comprehensive programs and campaigns focused on different aspects of the trade logistics sector. The most recent initiative is the launch of LOGISTI.SA campaign for consolidating Saudi Arabia’s logistics position and becoming the #HubOfTheWorld.

The LOGISTI.SA campaign will focus on improving the maritime sector's competitiveness, ensuring a seamless transportation of goods from Saudi ports across the Gulf and the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia actively seeks opportunities in expanding the maritime transport logistics and demonstrates leadership in this by the nation’s active engagement at the International Maritime Organization. The maritime sector is considered vital to the country's economic diversification efforts; therefore, the Kingdom is heavily investing in ports and logistics infrastructure which will enhance its position as a hub for trade between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Kingdom’s logistics sector has experienced unprecedented growth in the past five years. The World Bank 2023 edition of the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) confirming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's trade logistics sector is ranked at 38th internationally. This ranking represents a positive progression of 17 ranks compared to its previous position of 55th in the 2018 LPI. Maritime infrastructure and initiatives like LOGISTI.SA enable continued growth.

Saudi Arabia’s National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP’s) commitments for 2025 aims to achieve production capacity of the aquaculture sector to 300,000 tons annually, increase the percentage of utilized ports by increasing capacity to 70% to accelerate the growth of the sector and accordingly expand its contribution to the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), positioning Saudi Arabia as a leading logistics hub globally.

LOGISTI.SA is prime example of the actions under Vision 2030 that work to advance the maritime transportation and logistics infrastructure for the development of the country. Saudi Arabia is currently seeking re-election to the IMO as a Council Member for 2024-2025 and if re-elected will continue to expand cooperation and enable participation for Member States development of regulations to benefit the international maritime sector.

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