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Saudi Arabia Presents IMO CARES Second Phase to Member States on the Side-lines of the ISWG GHG

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presented the next stage of the IMOCARES project in front of the IMO Member States on the side-lines of the ISWG GHG Committee, 28th June 2023.

The Kingdom presented the next stage of the project which involves the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirming its pledge to the IMOCARES project with a new wave of funding.

IMOCARES highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation between all stakeholders in achieving the IMO Strategy for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships. It brings together a broad consortium of stakeholders, including R&D Centres, Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCCs), the private sector and academia, along with IMO GHG technical cooperation projects and initiatives to connect technology needs to technology solutions.

There were keynote addresses by Her Excellency Hayat Al Yabis Alternate rep for Saudi Arabia to the IMO, Dr. Jose Matheickal Chief of the Department of Partnerships and Projects, Anton Rhodes Project Manager IMO, Lydia Ngugi Head of Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for Africa.

Her Excellency Hayat Al Yabis stated that.

“Saudi Arabia is proud to have supported IMO CARES since its inception, and is happy to announce today that it will finance the next stage of this important project… Such an undertaking requires close cooperation between stakeholders, including regional and international organisations, the shipping industry, financial institutions, the IMO and its Member States. It also requires coordination between the various pathways to decarbonization, such as capacity-building, infrastructure development, technology acquisition, and skill development and greater efforts in R&D. IMOCARES is therefore an important component to develop the necessary avenues to accelerate green shipping. It is the aim to ensure that this technology transfer does not leave anyone behind”.

This next stage of the project was signed back in March 9th 2023 by IMO Secretary-General Mr Kitack Lim and His Excellency Dr Rumaih Al-Rumaih, Deputy Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and President of the Transport General Authority for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The signing covered the funding of $1,185,000 towards the first-year implementation of the IMO CARES project which focuses on supporting Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDC)’s to reach the IMO Energy Efficiency and GHG Strategy targets by enhancing global cooperation and collaboration on technology development while supporting innovation and stimulating the development uptake of energy efficiency technologies.

IMOCARES brings together global North and South to coordinate to reduce shipping emissions and ensure that no country is left behind in the development of future technologies which is a key component of Saudi Arabia’s engagement at the International Maritime Organization and commitments as an IMO Council Member.

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