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Saudi Arabia Provides Refugee for 8,000 from Sudan

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken in over 8,000 refugees from the conflict in Sudan. The Coast Guard have facilitated the safe evacuation and refugee for citizen’s fleeing the crisis.

The conflict, which began on the 15th of April 2023, has claimed the lives of over 600 people according to the World Health Organisation’s latest estimates. Thousands more have been injured with many fleeing the capital of Khartoum to escape the violence.

These refugees have taken the long journey crossing the Red Sea from the port of Sudan and arriving in Jeddah. They took the journey on Saudi naval ships and chartered commercial vessels. Upon arrival they were greeted and welcomed into the country by Saudi support services.

The Saudi government has taken in more refugees from the Sudan conflict than any other country. The refugees so far have come from all over the world not just Sudan with a range of over 104 nationalities currently accounted for.

The first face to face pre-negotiations on a ceasefire have also been hosted in Jeddah with support from the US. Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan welcomed the representatives from both parties. He said he hoped the talks would "lead to the end of the conflict and the return of security and stability to the Republic of Sudan".

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