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Saudi Arabian Ministerial delegation discusses future cooperation and partnerships with the ICS

On September 29th, a ministerial delegation of Saudi transport representatives led by H.E. Minister of Transport and Logistics, Saleh Al Jasser, visited The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) at their headquarters in London. The ICS is the world’s pre-eminent shipping organisation, representing 80% of the world’s tonnage. The meeting facilitated a greater understanding of ICS’s mission and objectives, and provided the opportunity for discussions on potential future cooperation.

The environment, climate and green energy was a principal topic of discussion, with the Minister reaffirming that the environment has never been higher on Saudi Arabia’s agenda than it is today. He noted Saudi Arabia’s leading role in the region with the Saudi and Middle East Green Initiatives, green hydrogen research and The Kingdom’s ongoing support and funding for IMO environmental partnerships.

Additionally, ICS shared its appreciation for Saudi Arabia’s decision to designate seafarers as key workers at the start of the COVID-19. The Minister recognised that the pandemic has been difficult for transport industries in particular, and pointed to Saudi Arabia’s rapid and coordinated response, which helped to effectively protect the economy and its people. The highly productive meeting concluded with a reaffirming of a desire for future cooperation.

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