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Saudi Royal Navy collaborative naval exercise on KSA Naval Ship HMS Al Jubail with Indian Navy

Saudi Royal Navy and Indian Navy recently conducted a collaborative naval exercise on the KSA Naval Ship HMS Al Jubail, marking an important milestone in the strategic relationship between the two nations. The training sessions encompassed multiple areas such as anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, air defence, enhancing interoperability, allowing the participating naval forces to enhance their operational capabilities.

the Indian Navy’s largest, indigenously designed missile destroyer INS Chennai was deployed for a mission on the Red Sea on Aug the 3rd, during which it made a port call to Jeddah and held a passage exercise with the Royal Saudi Naval ship HMS Al-Jubail. The vessel was warmly welcomed upon arrival by dignitaries from the Royal Saudi Naval forces, Border Guards and the Indian embassy.

The exercise allowed the Saudi Royal Navy and Indian Navy to practice naval warfare tactics, communication, and coordination, where both naval forces showcased their capabilities in tackling maritime threats such as piracy, smuggling, and terrorism. The exercise also provided an excellent opportunity for personnel from both navies to share their expertise and learn from each other's experiences. “India appears to be deepening its defence ties with Saudi Arabia as the two countries navigate a changing global order”, said Kabir Taneja, a strategic affairs program fellow at Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation.

The collaborative naval exercise between the Saudi Royal Navy and Indian Navy aboard the KSA Naval Ship HMS Al Jubail enhances the bond between the two nations, improves maritime security, and contributes to the realization of Saudi Arabia's ambitious vision for 2030 which focuses on economic diversification, expanding the tourism sector, and fostering a knowledge-based society. Such joint collaborations not only strengthen military capabilities but also pave the way for increased cooperation and understanding between nations in the region.

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