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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embraces IMO 2022 Theme: New Technologies for Greener Shipping

The IMO theme for 2022 “New Technologies for Greener Shipping” supports the green transition of the maritime sector towards a sustainable future, while ensuring that no one is left behind. The Kingdom is committed to ensuring that an equitable technology exchange and transfer is possible for all IMO member states. This is the key component of Coordinated Actions to Reduce Emissions from Shipping (IMOCARES) Foundation Project funded by Saudi Arabia which seeks to pursue a holistic tangible mechanism to guide technology demonstrations and technology transfer between the global north and global south as well as research and development. Read more about IMOCARES at:

The Kingdom has made significant strides towards implementing green technologies in the maritime sector as seen through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by H.E. Saleh Al Jasser, Minister of Transportation and Logistics and President of Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) Dr. Adbullah Bin Sharaf Alghamdi regarding increased cooperation in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence applications in the transport and logistics sector. The memorandum aims to expand the use and employment of these tools within the transport and logistics sector in several areas including multimodal transport modeling, forecasting future demand, improving mobility and service efficiency and enhancing the integration of transportation and supply chain patterns.

Mawani, the Saudi Port Authority, has implemented the 5G Smart Ports Initiative which brings resources to modernize and transform Saudi ports and to automate operations. This initiative is part of the continued priority to enhance the Kingdom’s global rating in Logistics Performance Index and develop a more sustainable maritime sector through the adoption of cleaner and more efficient energy systems.

Within the Smart Ports Initiative Mawani signed MoUs with Ericcson and Huawei, the Saudi Global Ports Company, and the Red Sea Gateway Terminal Company and DP World. The parties will engage in developing and accelerating the use of 5G technology to provide for fast speeds and low latency automation in the logistics operations space. The agreements include IT infrastructure as well as cloud computing and cybersecurity development. The partners will collaborate on R+D and product development for operating systems and improve performance as Saudi ports. Mawani recently expanded upon these agreements with an additional MoU with Tabadul, digital information company, to develop a new port community management system by applying modern automation techniques to achieve digital transformation trends in the logistics sector.

Furthermore, digitalization and achieving greener technology is demonstrated by Saudi Arabia’s Transport General Authority (TGA) roll out of the Naql System. The Maritime Transport Portal allows for registration and follow up on ships and marine vehicle issues and license and registration issues with the purpose of increasing the performance and efficiency of the logistics sector.

Through these and other initiatives, Saudi Arabia aims to continue to develop a sustainable and preposterous maritime sector that exemplifies a transition to greener technology while positioning KSA as a global logistic hub in line with the economic and social ambitions of the Kingdom and Vision 2030.

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