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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TGA Hosts First Annual Shipowners Forum 28th April 2024

Updated: May 9

Under the patronage of Acting President of the Transport General Authority (TGA) H.E. Dr. Rumaih bin Mohammed Al-Rumaih, the TGA hosted the first annual forum of ship owners and operators in the Kingdom in Al-Khobar Governorate on April 28 2024.

The forum marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the maritime sector. Over 85 senior specialists from various sectors within the maritime industry attended the event to discuss a variety of topics: from marine conservation to initiatives for the professional development of seafarers, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies in ship operations.

The forum featured the largest classification bodies accredited in the Kingdom and several accredited educational institutes and centres. It also featured a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the TGA and The Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore SAS. The MoU is set to enhance cooperation between the two entities and build environmental and social governance practices in aspects of marine sustainability.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working on building the maritime sector into a more safe and sustainable industry while positioning the Kingdom as a global logistics hub. The forum provided the platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Kingdom’s maritime sector. The TGA is working through this with the ultimate goal of fostering stronger collaboration between public and private entities, thereby promoting sustainable growth and development in the maritime industry.

The forum was a great success in bringing industry professionals together and showcasing the Kingdom’s commitment to enhancing cooperation, sharing best practices, and charting a course towards a more robust and prosperous maritime sector.

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